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Our Engineering Department is the executive arm for the successful delivery of building construction projects under our Corporate Management Policy and Service Commitment. It consists of multi-talented construction project managers, qualified engineers, registered surveyors as well as a strong team of technically competent site supervisors and with the close collaboration and support by our Integrated Management Systems Department in the quality, environmental, energy and safety aspects and our Commercial Department in tendering, procurement and cost control management. 


Our project management team members in the Engineering Department are all high calibre engineers, surveyors and managers holding university degree and a majority of them at postgraduate level in engineering, surveying and or project management with professional membership in globally recognized institutions, local professional bodies as well as registration under the prevailing legislations to facilitate the all kind of construction building projects be executed with full compliance with the statutory requirements and contractual provisions. Their professional affiliations have been summarized below: 

Corporate member of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers in Civil, Building, Building Services, Electrical, Materials, Mechanical, Marine and Naval Architecture and Energy discipline 
Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers in Building Discipline
Registered Professional Engineers in Building Services, Building, Civil, Electrical, Energy, Marine & Naval Architecture, Mechanical disciplines 
Logo - APEC.jpg
APEC Engineer in Hong Kong in Building Services, Civil, Electrical, Energy, Mechanical and Marine & Naval Architecture

APEC Engineer in Australia in Information, Telecommunications & Electronics, Leadership and Management, Building Services, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental and Structural
Fellow/Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors in Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying and Property and Facility Management Division 
Registered Professional Surveyors in Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Property and Facility Management Divisions
Beam Professional
Chartered Construction Managers
Chartered Engineers in Incorporated Engineer
Registered Chartered Building Surveyor, Chartered Quantity Surveying and Construction Surveyor, Chartered Project Management Surveyor
Logo - ILM.jpg
Fellow/Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management (UK)
Logo - NER.jpg
Registered Chartered Professional Engineer in Civil, Structural, Electrical, Leadership and Management, Building Services, Environmental, Information, Telecommunication & Electronics, Mechanical.
Fellow/Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Specialist of Cathodic Protection (CP4)
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Authorized Person (Surveyors)

Registered Inspector (Surveyors)

Authorized Signatory [RGBC and RSC (Demolition)]

Authorized Signatory [Minor Works Contractor Class 1,
2 (A to H) and 3]

Technically Competent Persons 

Registered Electrical Worker (Grade C0, H0, WH)
Registered Energy Assessor
Licensed Plumber (Grade I)
Registered Safety Officer
Registered Safety Auditor
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