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The needs for protection of reinforced concrete structures from the destructive effect of corroding steel is becoming increasingly recognized. Tong Kee is one of Hong Kong's leading installers of cathodic protection("CP") systems that offer extension of the working life of concrete and steel structures.

Cathodic protection requires comprehensive design and sophisticated methods of preparation for installation and testing. With over 25 years of experience, Tong Kee is specifically qualified to undertake the design and installation of a complete range of CP System from basic sacrificial anodes protection with Discrete Anodes to the application of complex Impressed Current systems. Our design team is leaded by 2 nos. of Registered CP Specialist with NACE.

Installation of Sacrificial Anodes to Soffit of Grandstand


Installation of Seawater Anodes

Installed Titanium Ribbon Mesh on Rebar


Diver with CP Gun for Testing of CP System on Submarine Structures

Concrete Repair & installation of CP System on Cable Bridge


Concrete repair with sacrificial zinc anodes installed at Fuel Jetty

Installation of Titanium Ribbon on Rebar at Pier

Demonstration of CP System

Installation of Aluminum Anodes to Steel Piles


Design, Supply & Install Cathodic Protection System on Marine Structures including of Piers, Cassions and Pumping Stations

Installation of ICCP System on Deck Soffit

Testing and Surveying of CP System on the 32 km Twin Pipe

Installation of CP System on Marine Structures

Installation of CP System & Concrete Repair at Jetty

Installation of CP System

Installation of Corrosion Monitoring System

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